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Michael Kiwanuka Found Himself In Led Zeppelin Cover Song

I told MOJO about how much I loved covering Led Zeppelin’s “Ten Years Gone”. Read here.

Posted on 12th March 2015

Cherrytree Records 10th Anniversary Playlist

Cherrytree Records are celebrating their 10th birthday, and have put together a great playlist of some of their lovely releases over the years, including FeistRobyn, and yours truly. Check it out on Spotify.

Posted on 4th March 2015

Kids Club Kampala - Ewafe Project | Raising The Rest

Kids Club Kampala - Ewafe Project | Raising The Rest

Kids Club Kampala is something that means a lot to me for obvious reasons, one being that i'm a British-born Ugandan, but another being that it was inspiring for me to see young people start something completely selfless and from scratch, and achieve so much with just hard work and determination. Olivia Barker and Corrie Fraser who are the founders of Kids Club Kampala do so much for the children out in Uganda and have focused so much of their energy and time being committed to the children and their charity. That really encouraged me to refocus a lot of my energy and see how i could help in anyway through the opportunities I've been given.

Last year myself, Olivia and Corrie put on a gig to raise money for something called the 'Ewafe Project'. The Ewafe Project, which is part of Kids Club Kampala, specifically deals with housing abandoned children in the slums of Kampala. Kids Club Kampala began raising money to build an orphanage for the children. The Ewafe Project got as far as only needing a roof to the building to finish off their home. The cost of the roof was £10,000. So, last year we put on a concert called 'The Ewafe Proect: Raising The Roof'. I asked some singers and artists to come and help me play at the gig and we managed to raise just over £10,000. The target was reached and the building was completed.

The night went so well that we decided to make it an annual event to keep the home running. The orphanage needs money to buy food for the children, supply transport and to keep houseparents there. Money would help the safety of the children, for example building a fence for their protection. Kids Club also hope to expand on the building with some of the land they've managed to accumulate. This will allow for a proper kitchen, a dining room, a classroom and additional bedrooms. The money we raise this year will help pay for those things. I'm really excited to say that we're having our 2nd annual 'Ewafe Project' gig: The Ewafe Project 'Raising the Rest' on Saturday the 2nd of May.

It's a very exciting lineup this year with some very special guests making an appearance on the night for some intimate and soulful music. I hope you can join us.

Michael Kiwanuka



Posted on 20th February 2015

Jack Johnson Tour Dates Cancelled

I'm very sorry to have pulled out of the tour with Jack Johnson. I was very much looking forward to playing all those wonderful venues and hanging out some more with Jack and the rest of his team. I've been advised to rest by the doctor and i think it's best so that i'm in good shape to hit the road again once the next album's done and released. I want to thank Jack and his team for being so understanding and i hope the time will come around when we can play together again. 

Posted on 20th August 2014

Michael Kiwanuka Summer Tour

Posted on 23rd June 2014

Michael Kiwanuka at Glastonbury Festival 2014

Posted on 17th June 2014

Michael Kiwanuka at Montreux Jazz Festival 2014

Posted on 17th June 2014

Michael Kiwanuka on Third Man Records

Third Man Records is delighted to present Michael Kiwanuka's contribution to the TMR Blue Series of releases. Available to order and through iTunes from today.


Ahead of his new album sessions for the follow up his gold-certified debut album ‘Home Again’, Kiwanuka has been busy performing live across the globe. He made his way through Nashville this past summer with just enough pause and aplomb to commit a couple of recordings to tape.


With Jack White in the producer’s chair, the A-side "You've Got Nothing to Lose" is an original composition, featuring The Buzzards' Dominic Davis on upright bass and Cory Younts on piano, joined also by fellow balladeer Lillie Mae Rische on fiddle.


The single also features a chilling rendition of Townes Van Zandt's infamous "Waitin' 'Round to Die" on the B-side, the perfect complement to the timbre and mood of the A-side.


Kiwanuka: “I'm a big fan of Jack White. I used to hear his guitar riffs in secondary school growing up as a teenager. He inspired loads of us to start bands and pick up a guitar which I did. He's an artist that still inspires me today, so it was such a pleasure getting to work with him, and put out this single on Third Man Records.”


The video is directed by Nashville-based critic and director/curator for Third Man Records' Light & Sound Machine film series James Cathart. It is a powerful reflection on acceptance and misconception; the story unfolds as a woman gets ready to attend her young son’s birthday party. Cathart explains his concept for the video: "Michael’s song has this air about it - of a father figure imparting wisdom. So I looked for an unexpected context to apply that to. It’s about misleading perceptions - not just in terms of the character’s gender, but also from what we expect of the people she encounters. Acceptance comes from a camo-clad country boy, while it’s the presumably enlightened young person that harasses her on the bus… we were able to strike just the right tone: sweetness tainted by melancholy…or perhaps it‘s the other way around? We've all had bittersweet birthdays.”


Watch the video here: http://po.st/RollingStone 

Order the 7'' single at http://po.st/ThirdMan

Posted on 18th February 2014

Home Again

Home Again album

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